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7 Social Media Solutions That Boost Leads

By Flagship / Jan 31, 2018
social media solutions

Want to generate new leads for your business? Perhaps it’s time to shift your thinking into how you can leverage the power of social media in your marketing mix. Why is it important to consider social media as a potential tool for lead generation? Check the stats below. 1. Almost 3 billion people will be on social

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What Is Brand Equity? (and How to Measure it)

By Flagship / Jan 30, 2018
brand equity words on post it note

Have you ever been forced to make a decision between two different brands that offer a similar product? You chose one brand over the other for good reason, right? That reasoning is the essence of brand equity. Brand equity is the value of a brand from the consumer’s perspective, compared to a brand with a similar product

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Insurance Lead generation Mistakes You can’t Afford To Make

By Flagship / Jan 22, 2018
lead generation

It’s safe to say, insurance companies are becoming more and more diversified in Australia. Especially in regards to the finance sector. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter how many types of insurance your company sells if you continuously make these insurance lead generation mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes can cost significant sales. Read on to learn what insurance lead

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9 Must-Have Tips To Increase Your Property Investor Leads

By Flagship / Dec 28, 2017
property lead generation

Are you in the business of property investing? Are you interested in finding successful investor leads? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. The Australian housing market is currently on the rise this year, with an increase in investor loans up to $13.27 billion and an overall lending value increase of $33.2 billion. Based on that

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Stop Spamming (and 6 More Social Media Mistakes to Avoid)

By Flagship / Dec 21, 2017
social media mistakes

Are you making the ultimate social media mistakes? Do you want to become a wizard when it comes to communicating with your audience via social media?  Of course you do! Social media marketing can often be as detrimental as it is beneficial to an organization if it is not being used properly, that is. Instagram,

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7 Signs That You Need a Rebranding Strategy

By Flagship / Dec 18, 2017
wooden building blocks rebranding strategy

What words come to mind when we mention Apple? Is it innovation and creativity? What about Google? How about this— What about your brand? Does it mean anything? Will it last the next 10 years? the next 20? If you’re unsure about these questions, it might be time for a rebranding strategy. We know rebranding

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6 Tips for Optimizing Your Digital Brand Strategy

By Flagship / Nov 29, 2017
Digital Brand Strategy

Studies have shown that a strong, recognizable brand can give businesses increased customer loyalty, an improved image, and an identity customers can relate to. Branding is more than just a logo and color scheme, your brand is everything that makes your business unique. If you want to have a brand the resonates online, you’re going to

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Top 7 Ways Email Engagement Increases Profits

By Flagship / Nov 27, 2017
email engagement

It seems like every business has an email list, but do they really work? Should your business be using email marketing? Of course and absolutely! Your business will fall behind if you don’t have a strong email marketing campaign. Email has become a central part of modern life — on average we spend 1,000 hours a

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Learn To Grow Your Small Business Through Published Content

By Flagship / Nov 23, 2017
branding strategy content marketing

You have a small business. Great! However, you aren’t sure how to get it out into the big wide world. You desire to leave your own digital footprint in your chosen industry. You’ve searched around and seen other businesses in your niche use the same strategy, time and time again. You need to think outside the

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Understanding the Importance of Social Engagement

By Flagship / Nov 22, 2017
social engagement

We are sure that social engagement is a term you have come across quite a lot in the past few years. Well, you guessed it right. This is because social engagement really matters. According to Google trends, searching for measures to engage the audience, has grown by more than 60 percent since 2012, and in

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Turn a 1-star Rating review into a brilliant ad

By Flagship / Nov 21, 2017
reputation management

Online reviews are so powerful they can influence your customers even before you interact with them. So, how does one deal with a 1-star rating review? Marketers often ignore such ratings as they highlight only the best reviews. Yet, Snowbird used the 1-star rating review from a client brilliantly in their ad to highlight their

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9 Must-Have Tips For Successful Strategic Brand Management

By Flagship / Nov 16, 2017
strategic brand management

ou know the influence that comes with an effective brand but do you know how to execute that branding? No matter your industry, a strategic brand management strategy is paramount to success. 49% of businesses do not have a branding strategy. Don’t be one of them. Crafting a perception of your brand goes beyond aesthetics. It involves

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7 Tips for Increasing Your Companies B2B Sales

By Flagship / Oct 30, 2017
Businessmen hand shake

Marketing to fellow business owners is an art in and of itself. The approach is similar to B2C because after all, business owners are still people. They take the same approach to finding products and services for their business as they do for their personal lives. For instance, they browse the internet and base judgments

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A Complete Guide to Analyzing Online Consumer Behavior

By Flagship / Oct 23, 2017
Computer Online Consumer Behavior

Today’s technology is not only changing the way people live. It’s changing the way they shop! Consumers no longer spend hours looking for a product. They do research, read reviews, shop on their phones, and buy online. As technology changes how people shop, businesses need to analyze consumer behavior so they can keep up with shopping

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How to Generate High Quality Leads

By Flagship / Oct 19, 2017
get more leads

Your strategy to generate high-quality leads should focus on producing engaging, appealing content. To create effective content your first step is to define your target market. Once you know who you are talking to, creating content your audience wants to engage with will be easier. Digital content can include creating blogs, producing webinars or eBooks

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8 Essential Data Mining Techniques You Need to Use

By Flagship / Oct 16, 2017
Data Mining Techniques

Using data mining techniques could boost your company’s revenue by 300%. In fact, research has found that 60% of professionals believe that data has generated revenue within their businesses. And 83% say existing products and services have been made more profitable. If you’re not yet using data mining techniques to gain a competitive edge, you’re missing out. While data mining

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Brand Authenticity

By Flagship / Oct 12, 2017
be authentic

Your brand equity should include authenticity, following your brand mission, a clear vision for the future and being transparent in your dealings with consumers. Brand authenticity means staying true to your internal strategy rather than trying to keep up with what your competitors are doing. This might seem narrow minded but keeping your focus internally

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What Are Business Leads? (And How to Create them)

By Flagship / Oct 9, 2017
Business Leads

As companies develop strategies to build their customer base, they must consider evolving consumer needs and preferences. Today’s consumers are very concerned about their personal privacy, making cold calling one of the least effective sales techniques. Smart salespeople know that the best way to grow their business is to focus on creating and converting business

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Is Your Lead Generation Working?

By Flagship / Sep 28, 2017
digital image lead generation

Lead generation is the easiest way to reach large numbers of interested customers in your market. If you have the right digital strategy digital lead generation can play a significant role and increase your market share. You can grow you relationships with your leads by comparing it to online dating. Lead generation is a lot

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Find Your Data Partner

By Flagship / Sep 26, 2017
Human hand shaking a digital hand

Companies understand the value of data in today’s global digital media landscape. Few, however, take the time necessary to really understand where the data they use originate and how best to use it. Contributor at Marketland.com Toby McKenna looks into data transparency, relevancy and scalability to ensure you get the most out of your data

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