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Your website is your first impression 96% of the time

Our process is simple: what are your customers looking for and how do we deliver that in the best way possible.

We specialise in tailoring the customer experience of your website to your target market. This is the only way to maximise its relevance and performance.

At Flagship Digital we utilise all aspects of design and functionality fused with our deep seeded experience in both marketing and brand strategy to develop a simple, yet effective website that engages your visitors. Our measure of success is not only in great design, our measure of success is in how well the website performs and represents your brand to your visitors.

Our process is always the same; discovery, define, design, develop and deploy. We take the time to understand the functionality purposes of the website and how to best translate this to your visitors. Based on this we design, prototype and systematically test your site until it is ready to launch.

We specialise in tailoring the customer experience of your website to your target market. This is the only way to maximise its relevance and performance.

Our Approach to Web Design

Phase 1: Discovery

Phase 1 is all about taking the time through the consultation process to accurately understand what our clients are trying to achieve and understanding their situational needs. We utilise meetings, workshops, and webinars to comprehensively assess your situation and once we’ve accomplished this step we move into the defining phase of your project.

Phase 2: Define

During our defining phase we move into defining the scope of work and stipulating an agreeable deliverables and fee proposal. Using all the information provided during the discovery phase such as marketing objectives, budgets, timelines and size of organisation, our team will be positioned to detail and outline a viable solution that’s tailored to your business objectives.

Phase 3: Design

Once we have agreement on our submitted fee proposal our design and development team commence the design process. This process will involve concepting an overall design that best aligns with the technical, visual, verbal and value identities of your company/product/service. This will involve exploring facets such as prototyping, site mapping, functional designing, technical designing, system architecture.

Phase 4: Develop

Once our design concepts are approved, we will begin the development and building process of your website. This phase is normally the most time consuming stage. Our goal during this phase is to not only ensure that your website is developed so it is visually pleasing, but also that it is delivering a great experience for the end user, maximising it’s relevance and performance.

Step 5: Deploy

Once the development phase is complete and signed off, we launch the product or service. It will effectively be “live” for anyone to use or visit at this point. Our team then closely monitors any and all activities and ensure that no unexpected issues arise. Added to this, we will also make available client training at the beginning of the deployment stage.

Selected Web Projects

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