Clarity in your brand message enables you to not only communicate successfully but to connect more significantly with your clients, companies and employees. To effectively communicate with your clients, you need to understand who they are and how they prefer to consume brand information.

Our biggest challenge in recent years has been to better understand the Millennial generation and how their upbringing in the digital age has affected their point of view. Ryan Jenkins uses a timeline of the Millennials’ upbringing to give us a different perspective of who this generation is and how technology has shaped their view of life and work.

Millennials are a new breed of employee because they had an upbringing like no other in history. Use this new understanding of the Millennial journey and evolution to influence how you lead, connect, and communicate with the next generation workforce.

Steve Cody reminds us there is a delicate balance between reassuring your more traditional client and meeting the needs of this new type of customer. He has some tips on staying relevant in today’s market.

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