It seems like every business has an email list, but do they really work? Should your business be using email marketing?

Of course and absolutely!

Your business will fall behind if you don’t have a strong email marketing campaign. Email has become a central part of modern life — on average we spend 1,000 hours a year checking our emails.

And all the hours we spend glued to our inboxes are prime advertising time.

Email engagement is one of the best ways to attract customers back to your business. Click here for 7 more benefits of using email engagement for your business

Email engagement is the measure of a campaign’s effectiveness. More engagement leads to more conversions and to more repeat customers.

Keep reading to learn the top 7 ways email engagement can increase your profits.

Top 7 Ways Email Engagement Increases Profits

Online marketing aims to help you make money by increasing overall traffic to your site. Ideally, increased traffic leads to increased sales.

The goal of email marketing is to entice customers to your site with exciting emails. Email marketing is great for building your customer fan-base and increasing repeat purchases.

Email marketing only works if your customers are engaging with your message. There are three levels of email engagement that lead to a sale.

  1. Signing-up for the email.
  2. Opening the email.
  3. Responding to the email’s “call-to-action.”

You can make a sale at any point in this series. For example, an unopened email may inspire a customer to visit your site. They never opened or even read the message, but seeing it unopened led them to your sale or promotion anyway.

Continue reading to learn about the top seven ways that email engagement will maximize your profits.

Instantly Communicate with Customers

Offline advertising takes a lot of time to reach the consumer. Because developing a traditional ad campaign requires a lot of time.

It can take weeks for an idea to leave the drafting board and reach the consumer — and even longer for the consumer to respond!

Emails allows you to directly communicate with your customers in real-time.

Companies take advantage of this real-time communication to plan time-sensitive promotions and specials.

The convenience of online shopping makes it easy for customers to give into impulse buying. 24-hour sales are a great way to encourage these urges and increase sales.

Create more urgency by updating customers on the sale in real-time to help drive purchases up while the clock counts down.

Easily Tracked Results

Marketing is a numbers game — without data, you are shooting in the dark.

Traditional advertising takes a lot of time to analyze. Most campaigns run for several weeks prior to a big sale or promotion. And, it can take a few more weeks after the campaign ends to compile and analyze the data.

Email marketing allows you to track and tweak your campaign in real-time. There are tons of free and premium tools available online to help you track engagement.

Most programs will track sign-ups, cancellations, and opens. This quickly lets you know what campaigns worked and which fell flat. You can also track how many times content has been shared or forwarded. And how much traffic to your site came from different sources.

These metrics enable you to improve an ad-campaign while it’s still happening.

Easily Segmented to Target Customers

Consumers appreciate companies who add value to their lives. If you understand your audience, you can deliver content that excites them.

Companies spend a lot of time trying to figure out what customers want and how to deliver it.

Save your money, and invest time in email marketing.

Online email marketing tools can segment your customers based on a number of different criteria. Use segmenting tools to quickly connect your customers with interesting and relevant information.

Emails that are personal and interesting engage your customers and lead them back to your site.

Encourage Traffic

Email marketing entices customers to your site with exciting, well-organized content.

Customers sign-up for newsletters because they are interested in knowing more about a brand or company. Take advantage of their interest by providing exciting articles that compel them to engage with your site.

Create a loyal brand following by engaging your customers with personalizing content. If they feel like you understand them, they will come back again and again.

Emails and newsletters can be optimized to be easily shareable on social media — which further increases exposure and traffic!

Build Relationships

Communication is the foundation of any relationship — use email to communicate effectively and quickly. Open communication helps you to better serve your customers. For instance, you can update them on sold-out items, restock expectations, and returns.

Remember, word of mouth is the best free advertising you can get.

Email engagement is the best way to build lasting relationships with your customers.

More Frequent

The more we see something, the more we like it — advertisements are no different. Frequency makes things familiar which helps get repeat customers.

Email marketing campaigns take less time to implement than traditional marketing campaigns. This means you can launch campaigns more frequently!

Emails can be quickly drafted using templates and within the same day, you’ll start seeing results.

Automated email systems can quickly send personalized messages to different target audiences. Make your brand a fixture in their inboxes, and watch your profits grow.

Increasing Engagement Online Decreases Advertising Costs

Email marketing can help you save money and increase profits.

Off-line advertising requires a significant, initial investment. And it can take months or weeks to determine the efficacy of your campaign.

Business-owners know that email marketing gives them the most bang for their advertising buck. Email marketing is less expensive than off-line advertising, and yields a great ROI.

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Start an Email Marketing Campaign Today!

Email marketing provides you with consistent, personalized advertising in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost!

Saving money is important for any business owner, and all the benefits of email engagement can be gained inexpensively. Increasing engagement doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

The costs of traditional advertising dwarf those of even the priciest paid services. Do yourself a favor and get some help from marketing campaign professionals.

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