We are sure that social engagement is a term you have come across quite a lot in the past few years. Well, you guessed it right. This is because social engagement really matters.

According to Google trends, searching for measures to engage the audience, has grown by more than 60 percent since 2012, and in January 2017, it peaked. However, when we are talking about a broad term like that, we are talking about four different categories.

We’ve created this post to tell you what social engagement is and why it is an important aspect for your business. Click here to learn more information.

But let’s clarify what the spectrum of social engagement includes and why each one of these categories is important:

Acknowledgment Engagement

No matter how fancy acknowledgment engagement sounds, this type of social engagement is just people reacting to your content. Likes, reactions, favorites… Any type of fast appreciation to your content is considered is some type of acknowledgment engagement.

Although admiration is always welcome, this is the easiest form of it. It requires very little effort from you and it creates no significant connection between your audience and your brand.

However, acknowledgment engagement helps you make your brand pop out and maybe reach a larger audience.

Association Engagement

There are not many differences between association and acknowledgment engagement but there is an important one. Engagement here is just bigger.

In association engagement, there is a real response –like a comment, most of the times. Real words that the person who has submitted them has put some effort in writing them.

Of course, this is higher quality engagement and you have to work harder to achieve it. However, it will not only help you grow your audience but also guide you and let you know what works and what doesn’t.

Just follow the tips submitted by your audience.

Amplification Engagement

As its name suggests, this is a type of engagement that makes your content gain attention and virality. Amplification engagement is responsible for spreading your content.

Of course, this is a really important type because it means you have done something right and people actually wanted to share your content. They are kind of “proud” they have reached your content and they are sharing it to spread the word.

So, congratulations for that!

However, it also means something else: You are getting a new audience that you have to amaze so you are now responsible for seizing the opportunity amplification engagement gave you.

Action Engagement

The king of the engagements. The greatest goal of any online marketer and brand owner. A click that redirects users to another place where they can find more content that you have created.

Maybe it’s a click to your website from your Instagram account, a subscription to your newsletter or even checking the social media accounts featured on your website.

This is really important for online retailers because buying a product online after someone has seen a sponsored post on Facebook is the epitome of active engagement. If you want to promote products and earn money online, this is what you should be looking for.

What Type of Social Engagement is Right For Me?

Now that you know all the types of engagement, the next step is to finally decide which one is for you. The answer to your question might surprise you. Because the type of engagement you should be looking for is simply all of them.

However, everything must follow a physiological process.

You would most likely start with acknowledgment and move on to active engagement. And all four types take work and time to achieve.

Of course, depending on your goals and your hopes you’ve put on your online business, focusing on one type more than another sound legitimate.

If you want to check how people respond to your content, for example, association engagement is for you –don’t forget that monitoring your content’s appeal is essential. On the other hand, if you want to make your content go viral, amplification engagement is your key.

If you are getting started, though, just stick to crafting great content. Everything will come in time. After all, good content engages more than anything else.

And How Do You Do It?

Now, let’s just say that you have created your online content, you are proud of it and you are ready to spread the word and move on to social engagement. The first place you want to look at is social media and Google. The two most usable online resources by real people.

Just follow the following rules:

Make Your Content Available

Create articles, videos, podcasts, anything that will show who you are and what your business has to offer. Make this content free and users will feel appreciated. Follow all the SEO rules so more and more people can find you on Google and share your content on every social media platform someone can imagine.

Spend Time and Talk With Your Audience

Aristotle once said that man is by nature a social animal. That means that we love conversation.

Spend some time in your day and talk with the people you want to engage. Respond to comments, like theirs, even reply to their questions through your content –like a Q&A blog or video, for example.

Develop a Character

When you are thinking about your brand, what type of person comes to your mind? This type of person should be your guide when you are trying to interact with your audience.

Create a personality, a voice, a character and connect with your clients.

Think About Your Audience

You might like quantic physics but this doesn’t mean that your audience will appreciate it. When you are sharing content, make sure it’s the content the majority of the people you want to reach will love.

Cute photos, funny posts, inspirational and smart content, even contests. That’s what people like and after you monitor their engagement, you will be able to mine your data and know exactly where you should focus on.

Be Relevant

Timeliness is always essential. So keep an eye on what is going on in the field you are covering. Everybody is interested in current events. How do you think fashion magazines writing about trends make a living?

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