Email List Data

Design and send emails that your customers won’t forget.

Personalised, targeted and measurable email campaigns to grow your business and build brand awareness.


Flagship Digital specialises in 3rd Party email marketing and lead generation. Since the beginning of 2016, we have collected over 500,000 fully opted-in consumer records and delivered over 1.8m leads to a vast variety of clients. Our email marketing program connects our clients to an ever expanding database of potential customers. Not just any customers, but qualified customers that you can target based on demographics.


Our fresh database of over 500,000 records has grown rapidly since the beginning of 2016. With the information collected, we can segment your campaign by gender, age, postcode as well as target members based on what campaigns and brands they have previously engaged with. Overall, delivering high quality and ROI focused campaigns that are relevant to your consumers and which deliver back to you higher levels of customer engagement and investment value.

Fast Facts:

  • Click to Conversion of 15%+
  • 500,000 tested leads and counting
  • Demographically targeted campaigns
  • Personalised campaigns
  • Controlled sending and testing across all platforms
  • 0-3 Month Data most used for responsiveness
  • ROI focused campaigns
  • 0-12 month recency on all Data


Our selective approach of partnering with the right brands and promotional offers allows us to ensure that every marketing message sent is relevant to your target market. Unlike many other email marketing platforms, we are selective on which campaigns we partner with ensuring our newly sourced records are targeted at a maximum of 3 times per week, as opposed to 3-5 per day. Added to this each of our campaigns are beautifully designed by our team of seasoned digital and graphic designers to enhance customer engagement and delivers to our clients’ better-performing campaigns.

Discover how email marketing can help you grow business through creating valuable and personalised engagement at scale.

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