The dynamic digital arena has made valuable data more accessible for companies and easier to analyze than ever. Companies are using the staggering amounts of information to understand their customers and their motivations. This allows them to not only gear their product and service offering specifically towards their market, but also increase their business and client engagement. Daniel Newman puts big data and analytics at number 7 on his list of Top 10 Trends For Digital Transformation in 2017

There is no question that digital transformation is no longer an option as the need to build an organization that can change both its technology and its culture rapidly will be core to not only surviving in the time of business disruption, but building a business model that is agile, adaptable and designed to thrive long into the future where change is the only constant.

This Tableau piece also gives insight into what we can expect of Business Intelligence trends this year.

Over the last few years, data has become the lifeblood of organizations. Those that harnessed the power of this data by empowering business users found competitive advantage and were able to innovate faster.

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