INSIGHT: With rising levels of population density in Brisbane and growing prime real estate shortages, property developers are constantly vying for promising land acquisition opportunities in underdeveloped areas to construct multi-unit apartments and townhouses.

AMBITION:  As an earlier mover into an historically industrial area, our client required us to develop a compelling brand identity and marketing strategy to redefine the consumer perception associated to the geographical area that their apartment development would be situated in. Our branding and marketing solutions would need to resonate with the market in a way that would be ultimately measured in the percentage of pre-sales hit during the marketing campaign.

ACTION: Through our research team conducting extensive research into the industry at large, the competitive landscape as well the historical perception associated with the geographical location in question, we were able to determine the precise angle to approach shaping a brand identity and marketing strategies for the client.

IMPACT: The result was a distinctly crafted brand identity and digital marketing campaign that exceeded presale projections and drastically minimised the clients marketing expenses through delivering a cost effective alternative solution to engaging costly property marketers.​