INSIGHT: In recent years, the infants and children’s clothing industry has faced unique challenges. Though customer spend has increased in this sector, the growing popularity of online shopping has added competitive pressure to retailers and opened up opportunities for online retailers.

AMBITION: Being a small start-up home business, Beau Hudson approached Flagship Digital wanting to explore how they could capitalise off the trend towards online shopping and broaden their demographics.

ACTION: The brand created highlighted Beau Hudsons vibrant positivity and commitment to customer confidence, and lifted them out of the ‘home business’ market and positioned them as a boutique online retailer in this sector. Added to this, Flagship provided the strategy how they could approach targeting teenage and adult demographics as a secondary market.

IMPACT: As result of applying this brand strategy in the last 2 years, Beau Hudson has established themselves as renowned fashion label and has gone on to be featured in Vogue and regularly spotted being worn by the children of celebrities.