INSIGHT: In an industry that is within the growth phase in its economic life cycle, the rapid increase in dental service competitors has made it harder than ever for companies to stand out and maximise their market offerings. In the case of Coastal Dental, the emergence of larger competitors highlighted the need to re-assess the group’s brand and market positioning and ensure their value proposition was being reflected in everything their brand communicated to their target markets.

AMBITION: The brand needed to promote a likeminded, harmonious approach and an overruling yet familiar standard that all individual practices can accord by. It was our endeavour to achieve a middle ground between being personable yet consistent, whilst shaping a brand architecture that would allow for expansion without the cost of weakening the brand identity.

ACTION: Our goal with the rebrand of Coastal Dental Care to Cordia was to collectively inspire a new perception of dentistry. For the practices, the new brand launched was the catalyst to unite each individual practice to strive for their very best – bringing passion back to the profession. For the patients of these practices, the real recipients of the new brand, it was about matching the same family dentist they trust and know, with a welcoming and professional look.

IMPACT: As a result of the rebrand, Cordia has seen a dramatic increase in engagement and performance both within their internal culture and with external customers. With a well-defined and inspiring brand identity, the company has been strongly positioned for future growth.