INSIGHT: In an industry sector with high barriers to entry, new entrant Elevate Global Solutions faced the challenge of trying to establish a place in the market whilst competing against well-known competitors. As a company they prided themselves on continuously striving to develop engineering technologies and innovations to create superior results for our clients.

AMBITION: Our task was to create a brand perception in the minds of their target market that would match Enavons dedication and expertise in being able to deliver superior engineering solutions, despite being only being young company.

ACTION: We devised a brand strategy that leveraged off their expertise in delivering innovative engineering solutions and positioned them as a well-established industry specialist. Through taking our client through our in-depth briefing process, we were able to develop a brand strategy that defined key success indicators such as a brand message, brand ownership, vision and culture, corporate identity, visual identity and technical identity.

IMPACT: With clear and authoritative brand identity established, Enavon has been able to successfully compete alongside multinational companies and venture into delivering solutions across more industries such as the industrial, mining, commercial and military sectors.