INSIGHT: The last 7 years in the fitness industry has seen greater consumer awareness in health consciousness and has resulted in an outburst of products and services being readily made available on the market.

AMBITION: With this rapid growth and multiple inferior products and services on the market claiming to be industry leaders, we identified Global Bodies need to cut through the noise and communicate their value over their competitors; as well as carry the credibility and perception of a multinational organization. The brand needed to communicate to athletes, gyms/ athletic institutions as well as investors.

ACTION: Positioning Global Bodies as an authority in providing innovative products and solutions for the fitness industry was a key focus in our branding approach. Even though their entire focus currently was on a single product offering, establishing their brand with their long-term future in mind would provide them with the ability to branch out into additional products, services and partnerships without losing any brand equity at a later stage.

IMPACT: The sleek, confident and cutting edge visual identity created has given the company a visual representation of their brand promise for all their customers to connect with. The credibility attached to the new brand has resulted in an 84% increase in sales volume, plus also allowing Global Bodies to access an international market with confidence and have strategic partnerships with multinational organisations.