INSIGHT: In recent years Australia has demonstrated a rapid uptake in new technology products and consumers have happily adopted convenient cashless innovations.

AMBITION: Payband approached us in its early stages to strategize how this new idea and product would work, look and feel, as well as where the brand would sit in this evolving market. We saw an opportunity for Payband to claim a new space in different overlapping markets, leading the finance market into a new era of payment solutions. Understanding that the current competitive landscape was occupied by well-established billion dollar companies, was critical to us designing a brand that could achieve the company’s business objectives.

ACTION: To effectively communicate to Payband’s different brand streams as well as maximising investor interest, we restructured the company’s brand map and setup an overarching umbrella company that would offer both a product (Boom!) and a white label solution for partnerships.

IMPACT: The idea of continual movement and fluidity is seen constantly throughout the Payband brand as well as the Boom! logo representing the infinity symbol. The strategy also highlighted how adopting various communication strategies for their diverse target markets will allow the company to engage with various groups of consumers, investors and corporate partners. Post the brand strategy, the company has been able to attract the attention of prominent international investors in the start up industry.