INSIGHT: Peeq entered the market with an interactive approach to recruitment, giving employers opportunities to personally connect to their potential employees through video job applications and ads. The current industry operates with the mandate of matching applicants with positions that they are simply qualified for, without any consideration for compatibility. Peeqs innovative process of applicants responding to employer videos with their own video resume, created a person-to-person qualifying process, to ensure a connection is created. Peeq’s point of difference was their new, innovative way to connect quality employers with motivated people through an interactive and engaging recruitment platform.

AMBITION: Peeq approached Flagship to best strategise presenting their strong point of difference and compete with larger existing competitors in a well-established market. This fresh and modern approach needed to be reflected in their branding.

ACTION: The finished brand strategy created a launching pad for Peeq boldly enter the recruitment market as Australia’s newest job opportunities website.