INSIGHT: Post the Global Financial Crisis, the finance and property investment industry have undergone some significant changes in regaining consumer trust and communicating transparently. Coupled with the rapid pace in technological advancements, companies in this sector need to implement solutions to position them as future focused to their diverse consumer markets.

AMBITION: PWF approached Flagship Digital with an overall brand that was outdated and undercapitalising current digital solutions. Despite its success over the past decade, the challenge before them was to be cutting edge in everything they delivered to secure their future and communicate transparently with their cliental.

ACTION: A reimagined visual identity was created and launched alongside a new take on their acronym. A new digital platform was conceptualised to demonstrate how the company could more effectively interact with customers. The updated brand colours represented the new enthusiasm for connecting clients with their future goals and reinforced their future focused approach.

IMPACT: As a result of implementing their new brand identity, PWF has been able to compete with greater authority and confidence against multinational competitors, whilst also enhancing their customer engagement through communicating more transparently.