Project Background


Market Offering:
Foreign exchange Company
specialising in market advice.

Brand Strategy
Brand Creative
Digital Marketing

The Task

In an industry overshadowed by negative publicity, over-promising and misconceptions, companies competing in this space need to clearly position themselves as trustworthy and certified in order to enhance customer loyalty, acquire new customers and achieve long term growth.

The Strategy

In partnership with Business For Now (now Stardian), we identified the need for a thorough communications audit to be conducted in order to devise a strategy to visually communicate their standard of excellence, insight and results driven approach that defined their point of difference.

 “Flagship Digital were amazing and very professional to deal with. The Stardian brand has allowed us to attract a much higher calibre of client and we received many comments from both prospects and clients about how professional our operation comes across. We feel that we have built a highly respected reputation in the Forex Education Industry because of the Stardian brand created for us by Flagship Digital. I highly recommend Flagship Digital to any business seeking to build a well-known, respected, professional brand.”


The Solution

By combining the history of Forex trading as well as their commitment to client success we created the name Stardian. Attaching brand ethics, a performance benchmark and a communication strategy to a simple, sleek, confident visual identity, has allowed Stardian to have a visual presence that represents both their standard of excellence as well as their prospective customer’s requirements.