INSIGHT: At a retail level, the skin and body care industry is dominated by international companies and over saturated with local manufacturers and retailers. This has resulted in the highly competitive space that competes unsustainably on price slashing to maintain and increase market share.

AMBITION: For XY we identified that the company needed to grow based on a sustainable business model and needed to rebrand with the objective being to position them in a different space to most of their competitors, thus highlighting their point of difference.

ACTION: The brand devised centred on repositioning the client to compete outside of the highly competitive price driven market. In order to achieve this, we shifted the focus from the services they offered, to the solutions they provided. Their value proposition was altered to communicate their in-depth understanding of the diverse skin and body aspirations of customers and not just the company’s treatments. Customers are now encouraged to come and talk to a specialist regarding their desired outcome, and are in turn presented with a Skin and Body solution.

IMPACT: By positioning XY as a specialist in their field, as well as introducing a level of consistency around their staff’s processes, we were able to change the demographic of their customers. This saw XY almost double their average transaction value and see a dramatic increase in their growth. XY went from 5 clinics in 5 years prior to approaching Flagship Digital, to expanding to 11 clinics within 18 months post rebranding.